Joint Venture Medical, LLC (JVM) is a purpose built private firm with an investment focus in the healthcare sectors of medical devices, supplies, pharmaceuticals, biologics, and other new technologies.  

JVM covers markets in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe.  In order to best serve our portfolio companies we have strategically aligned with industry leaders to create an end-to-end solution, from seed to sale.

Joint Venture Medical

Accelerating the commercialization process


Joint Venture Medical works and invests in start-up medical businesses in an effort to accelerate the commercialization process. Founded in 2015, by merging the service offerings of AJW Technology Consultants, Inc., ScribeFirst, LLC, and Orange MedTech, LLC.

Joint Venture Medical

AJW Technology Consultants, Inc. (AJW)

Since its founding in 1999, AJW Technology Consultants has developed a client base of over 400 companies from around the globe, serving anywhere between 100-150 clients in a given year. AJW offers a wide range of services to the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biologics industries. The core business centers around Quality Management and Regulatory compliance activities for medical devices, with a focus on building mutually beneficial client relationships and sustained growth primarily through word-of-mouth referrals. Today, AJW has offices in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, India and the United Kingdom providing in-country representation and regulatory agency submissions. Additionally AJW has ‘Channel Partners’ providing similar services in South America and Central America. 

ScribeFirst, LLC: (SF)

A development consulting firm focused on providing medical device and drug companies a range of services to support optimized product development, the focus of ScribeFirst is on the clinical and reimbursement aspects of product development.  The team is able to provide clinical services such as protocol development, clinical study planning and execution, data management and statistics, and clinical study reports and sections for regulatory submission.  In addition to the clinical operations consulting, SF is able to assess and develop a custom reimbursement strategy for a particular product.  The clinical and regulatory environments are assessed together with an eye toward product placement.

Orange MedTech, LLC: (OMT)

A healthcare distribution company specializing in new product and technology launches, OMT creatively develops, along with their clients, a strategy to traverse the challenging last 10 feet into the door of the customer. OMT increases sales and traction by leveraging their network of sales reps, hospital systems, and physician partners. The way products and services are delivered into the medical marketplace are dynamically shifting because of policy, technology, mergers, and acquisitions. OMT monitors the landscape and finds the most optimal distribution channels. The OMT team has strategic partnerships and sales channels within several healthcare sub-specialties to comprehensively capitalize on the entire healthcare marketplace and improve the way healthcare products and services are delivered to the end user. 

Race Rocks Management Inc. (RRM)

is a management consulting service providing

experience and expertise in Business Development, Product Development, Strategic Planning, and Finance.

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